Research: IBS in women with PMS and Dysmenorrhoea

Research: IBS in women with PMS and Dysmenorrhoea

What was the study asking?


If women who had IBS, primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) and PMS had more severe physical and psychological symptoms than women who had primary dysmenorrhoea and PMS without IBS. 


What did they find?


Women with IBS, PD and PMS and more severe symptoms (depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and fatigue) compared with women with women without IBS with PD + PMS.  


Take-home message?


That hormone imbalances can cause a broad range of physical and psychological symptoms and managing them effectively often requires assessment and management of co-existing gastrointestinal issues contributing to symptom severity. 


Ayadilord M et al. Neuropsychological function is related to irritable bowel syndrome in women with premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhoea. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2020; 302: 915-923. 

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