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I am a naturopath and nutritionist who specialises in women's health, hormone balancing and fertility support.


Research: Does having uterine fibroids increase the risk of endometriosis?

What was the study asking? This was a large population-based study that followed 31,239 women over 14 years to assess if having uterine fibroids (also known as uterine leiomyomas) increases the risk of endometriosis. What did they find? The risk of endometriosis was significantly increased in women with uterine fibroids, tube-ovarian infections, endometritis (inflammation or […]

BodyFabulous Mums and Bubs return to exercise class, exclusive attendee podcast- Postpartum Mum and Bub Nutrition.

It’s common knowledge that pregnancy increases your nutrient requirements, but did you know that your nutrient needs are actually higher during early postpartum and that there is more research currently about postpartum nutrition for farm animals than there is for humans?  In a special Cherish The Podcast episode, recorded exclusively for BodyFabulous Mums and Bubs return […]

Research: Effects of physical activity and decreased sedentary behaviours in menopausal women.

What was the study asking? What effect does regular physical activity have on postmenopausal women’s cardiovascular, bone, and body composition health? What did they find? An analysis of the current evidence found that in post-menopausal women: regular exercise reduces overall and cardiovascular death. weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercise improve and help maintain bone health (bone mineral […]
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