A clinical consultation involves finding out the what (what is actually going on in your body?), the why (why are these health issues occurring?) and the how (what factors have contributed to how you got to this point?).

To determine this the consultation process involves a detailed assessment of your current health status, health history, dietary and nutritional analysis, lifestyle habits, supplemental and medication regimen and a review of relevant blood or pathology test results. Further testing may be recommended for some individuals.

This information is used to formulate a treatment plan to help you get your health where you would like it to be.

This treatment plans involve a combination of dietary strategies, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and lifestyle recommendations.

Your initial appointment will go for up to 1-hour, with the aim being to gain an overall picture of your current health status. Within 24- hours of this appointment you will be emailed an outline of your health goals, the initial phase of the treatment plan and any testing and/or assessments recommended to be completed prior to your second appointment.

Your second appointment, also up to 1-hour duration, will ideally be 2 weeks following your initial appointment. This appointment will involve reviewing your test/assessment results and the initial phase of your treatment plan. Within 24-hours of this appointment you will be emailed a detailed treatment plan for the following 4-weeks.

Following your initial 2 sessions appointments are 4-weeks apart as required. The number of appointments required will depend on your specific health status and goals and will be discussed during your initial 2 sessions.

– Initial General Consult $250 (55-60 mins)

– Initial Fertility Consult $295 (70-75 mins) (Initial reproductive health, IVF support, pre-conception and infertility consultations)

– Initial Fertility Couples Consult $375 (85-90 mins) (same as fertility consult + partner)

– Return Consult $135 (25-30 mins)

– Long Return Consult $195 (40-45 mins)

On a case by case basis, more time may be allocated to ensure individual needs are met. Charged incrementally at $40 per 15 minutes. 

I am available for Telehealth consultations with the Fertile Ground Health Group, 
Australia’s leading natural fertility and reproductive health clinic.  

Within 24-hours following each appointment you will be emailed an invoice for services provided.

Payment is required at the time of consultation.

Please inform us via email if you are not able to attend your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled session. The following charges will apply for cancellations occurring within the 48-hour period before your appointment:

  • 24 hours before appointment will incur 50% of consultation fee
  • On the day of the appointment will incur payment of full consultation fee.

All appointments are conducted via an online meeting room for your convenience. You will require internet access and a computer for each appointment. Approximately 30 minutes prior to your booked appointment time, a link will be emailed to you that you click on at the time of your scheduled appointment. This will take you to an online meeting room where your appointment will then commence.

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